Students Complete Molecular and Cellular Immunology Workshop

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Congratulations to the cohort of students who successfully completed a two-week workshop on “Molecular and Cellular Immunology: from Basics to Applications in Preclinical Development of Nanotechnology-Formulated Drugs.” This workshop organized by the Afonin Lab in the Department of Chemistry covered topics including an in-depth review of cellular and molecular immunology, basic principles of immunotoxicology and the associated FDA regulatory requirements, preclinical characterization of nanomaterials, and practical applications of immunotoxicology profiles. With the knowledge gained from this workshop, students will better understand and be able to overcome the challenges that many nanomedicine formulations are presented with which prevent their successful translation from bench to bedside. A special thanks to the presenter, Dr. Marina A. Dobrovolskaia (Head of Immunology Section at the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory), for sharing her valuable time and expertise!